Twelve Treats of Christmas – Day Five

Almond Brittle

One of our eagerly awaited Christmas parcels comes from Indiana. My cousin Nancy makes the best almond brittle ever. She’s been sending it to us for years. This is something I might eat before the salad. It’s crunchy from the almonds buried in the toffee and sprinkled on the chocolate coating. It melts in your mouth and sticks to your teeth at the same time. It leaves you wanting more. Because I love it so, and because my husband eats more than I do, and because I’ve gotten greedy in my old age, I divide up the batch as soon as it arrives so I can have my fair share. That IS fair, right??

"Tin of Almond Brittle," Carol Crump Bryner, collage, 2015

“Tin of Almond Brittle,” Carol Crump Bryner, collage, 2015

8 thoughts on “Twelve Treats of Christmas – Day Five

  1. Margaret Norton Campion

    Oh!!!! We get (what looks to be) exactly this treat from a local friend! You describe it perfectly, CCB, “melts in your mouth and sticks to your teeth,” but what happens in THIS house is I have to sequester it AWAY from ME! This is the MOST addictive of treats! It is just so so so good, that I am grateful that she doesn’t send us too much. I put it upstairs on Ed’s side of the bed so it isn’t right in my sight during the day, and so that he can actually GET some! I didn’t know Nancy was known for this. Yuuummmmm!! You are lucky to have been on the list so long and to receive it in such a beautiful tin.
    Enjoy the season with your Portland family. The photo of your decorated living room looks WONderful. (And yes – we are staying here. Kids all coming home. !!!! 🙂 LOVE YOU.

  2. Karen D. kowalski

    If the package is addressed to you, you have my permission to keep a larger portion. I am wanting some, it sounds delicious.


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