A Special Day

"And One to Grown on - A Birthday Cake for Henry," Carol Crump Bryner, 2015

“And One to Grown on – A Birthday Cake for Henry,” Carol Crump Bryner, 2015

Today, as a departure from my regular blog subjects, I celebrate a very special day.

Eight years ago my first grandchild, Henry Thomas Kennedy, was born, and even though he isn’t technically part of my “memories of a family farm,” he counts in the history. To the next generation – sons and daughters, nieces and nephews, cousins and the children of cousins, grandsons and granddaughters – we pass the torch. Thinking about this continuity comforts me as I try to ease into old age.

I was lucky to live close to my four grandparents. They were my “back-up plan.” I counted on them being there when my parents weren’t around. They made a difference in my life, and I try to make a difference in Henry’s life. I know for sure that he, and my other grandsons, and my step-granddaughter, make a huge difference in mine. They make me laugh, they keep me busy, and they put things in perspective.

Because of Henry I now think of cashews as “Rainbow Nuts.” A headache has become a “Head Feeling.” And any time I want to encourage someone, I say the words a four year old  Henry said to me in the grocery store after I successfully poked the little straw into the carton of chocolate milk – “Good job, Gramie!!!”

I don’t know what my grandchildren will remember from our times together. They might think about the games of soccer we played in the house, the walks we took to the park, the melty ice cream we ate on a hot summer day, or the times I got irritated at them for this and that. I hope they’ll remember how very much I cared that they were brought into this world, that their parents and grandparents loved them unconditionally, and that we bragged about them and their accomplishments.

Happy, Happy Birthday Henry!!!

Henry and Carol on Whirlwind Hill, March, 2008

Henry and Carol on Whirlwind Hill, March, 2008

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11 thoughts on “A Special Day

  1. Karen Dederick Kowalski

    Spending time with the grandchildren is the best. Everything else can be put on hold, and for me that seems to be a lot on hold. They won’t always be needing us as much as they do now, so we just enjoy, enjoy.

  2. Carol Henderson

    Absolutely lovely, Carol. Thank you.
    Your blog is a bright spot in my email and I always read it though I rarely comment. I love the combination of your amazing art work and thoughts alongside the old photos and journal entries.

  3. Carol Kampert

    This is such a wonderful tribute to families and grandchildren and their importance in our lives. What a great picture of you and young Henry. We’re so glad our two granddaughters live close by and we can watch them grow up. Your blogs truly enrich our lives, Carol – thanks!

    1. Carol Post author

      Thanks Carol! I know how much time you have spent with your granddaughters and what a deep bond you must have with them. Happy New Year to you and Dave!


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