March Window

The month that “comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb” brings with it the first signs of spring. Color creeps back into the landscape, the birdsong can be heard again, and the winds blow away the dark clouds of a long winter.

This is the twelfth and last of my monthly “Windows.” Being able to share these monoprints and the words of my great-grandmother Lydia Jane Hall with all of you readers has been one of my favorite parts of creating this blog. Her words continue to inspire my painting, my writing, and my day-to-day life, and, like her, I welcome the spring that’s coming and the “good old summertime” that isn’t far behind.

"March Window," Carol Crump Bryner, monoprint

“March Window,” Carol Crump Bryner, monoprint

Saturday, March 2, 1912 – “March coming in like a lion. Hope it will soon be lamb like.” – Lydia Jane Hall

Tuesday, March 31, 1913 – “A beautiful early morning. The high winds of old March are howling now and hope they will cease soon as this is the last day.” – Lydia Jane Hall

Thursday, March 10, 1921 – “A nice day after the shower. The grass is beginning to look green where the snow lays. The children are well and happy out in the open. Their colds do not trouble much, only the use of handkerchiefs.” – Lydia Jane Hall

Tuesday, March 4, 1924 – “A beautiful day. A bright sunshine all day. The snow has certainly gone today, or we can see it is letting go. There is enough left yet. The water has been running off the hills all day. The boulevard covered – the streams are full. Soon the traveling will be good. The green grass will take the place of snow. The birds will come back to build their nests among the green leaves and sing their songs, and they will be welcomed by us all.” – Lydia Jane Hall

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12 thoughts on “March Window

  1. Margaret Campion

    Oh, my … the year has flown!
    I will so miss having you, your beautiful art and most especially, the simple words of Lydia Jane. In her wildest dreams, could she have imagined that her daily journals would appear “digitally” (magically!) in the “inboxes” of those born a century after her birth?! You have done us all – here now, gone before and those to come – such a generous turn, dear cuz. Thank you. I will treasure the remaining posts.

    1. Carol Post author

      Thanks so much dear Margy. I think she would have approved, don’t you? So wish I could have met this patient and loving woman.

  2. Rebecca Norton

    Dear Carol,
    I think Lydia understood the hope that has been given to each of us, concerning creation. Some hoped for more snow at Christmas time, and in 2015 mid-winter, did we ever get it! The wells will be full of water this spring and we will celebrate the coming of the mud season and then the deer tick and black fly season and the mosquito, and bee season. When you look at it that way, winter is a wonderful break from outdoor work when the hungry bugs are upon you. Just shoveling and lugging firewood. According to the way The Creator planned it, Spring, Summer and Fall will continue as they always have, and we will look forward again to the winter when all those bugs are buried in snow. This year in our family, Spring will bring a new Norton baby boy and we rejoice in that blessing.

    1. Carol Post author

      It will be a happy spring for you. And I love the way you see all these “annoyances” as part of a cycle of life and goodness.

  3. Skip Collins

    I’ve enjoyed the episodes. I realize this has been a project for you, but I hope you will consider restarting it at some point in the future. Thanks for the living history lesson.

    Skip Collins

  4. Katy Gilmore

    Always love these – and particularly the quotes this month. You must be feeling very proud of this yearlong effort so successfully completed – very nearly! What a treasure of a record you have made.

    1. Carol Post author

      Thanks, Katy. Your encouragement has helped keep me going. Now I hope I can turn it into something I can hold in my hands someday.

  5. Netzy

    Hi Carol, Lydia Jane knows about March, doesn’t she. Even with global warming there are days similar to hers. I like the part about the kids and colds – I see these two go hand in hand – especially last month and this month. You always create wonderful pictures in my head. Thank you.

    1. Carol Post author

      Thanks so much, Netzy. Lydia always talked about colds as somehow not “real” sickness – just an inevitable part of winter life in New England. Sometimes they evolve into “hard colds.” I like how she talks about the problem being the “use of handkerchiefs.”

  6. Pete Foster

    We are all greatly indebted to you, Lydia Jane Hall and other family members who carefully recorded and preserved all those memories and thoughts surrounding the lives of your wonderful Hall family and farm life on Whirlwind Hill for those many fascinating years. It is just amazing that so many experiences, thoughts and photos were carefully documented and preserved for the benefit of those of us to enjoy and appreciate.
    Thank you so much for making all those lives, hopes, dreams and activities available to be read and seen as inspiration and recollection of our own family experiences in that same neighborhood.
    We hope to see you sometime soon.

    1. Carol Post author

      Thanks so much, Pete. I, too, am so grateful for those who documented their lives and those who lovingly saved these bits of history. I hope to see you and Ann also next time I’m in Connecticut.


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